Celebrating Humble Leaders Who Inspire Others


The Up2 Leaders Podcast

Refreshingly candid conversations with some of today's most humble leaders. Adam Kaufman dives into topics often left unexplored. His guests’ challenges, fears, and motivations show what it takes to become a humble leader.

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With a focus on humility and authenticity, Up2 aims to inspire leaders, innovators, and trail blazers, to more effectively lead those for whom they are responsible, through true servant leadership.

Up2 pursues its mission by convening accomplished individuals who exercise servant leadership in the marketplace, public arena and medical community.

Up2 educates, informs, and inspires the leadership class, so that those leaders have the ability to positively influence all of society.


“I believe Up2 can evolve into a very iconic humanitarian platform that inspires entrepreneurs and the communities involved to make this world a better place.”



What is Up2?

Since 2011, Adam Kaufman has engaged humble leaders in dynamic, authentic conversations on what they are Up2 in the many facets of their lives. At invitation-only gatherings, leaders have a unique opportunity to dive deep and learn directly from their peers about how they operate as true servant leaders both in their professional endeavors and personal interests. With a mission to bring greater attention to these leaders, innovators, and trailblazers, Up2 serves a pivotal role in the development of servant leaders in Cleveland and beyond. 


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