Dedicated to showcasing leaders who are as humble as they are successful.

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Up2 aims to inspire greater humility among those in leadership positions and are convinced that the most effective leaders are those to whom we can relate.


Founded in 2011Up2 was formed with the hope that by convening leaders from business, government, and the non-profit community, more people of influence could practice their leadership with true humility.

Since that time, Up2 events have taken place annually, convening interesting and accomplished leaders who come to share what they each are ‘up to,’ interviewed in brief, authentic sessions throughout the evening.


Thank you to those providing financial and creative support to Up2 and the Up2 Foundation


Bob Campana, Up2 board member

Fady Chamoun, Up2 board member

BNY Mellon Wealth Management, 2018 lead sponsor

JumpStart, Inc., 2017 lead sponsor

Tony Manna, Signet chairman

Tom McKee, Calfee chairman

David Ducas, Woodbridge Homes CEO

Dave Lazor, Lazorpoint CEO


Fred Koury, Smart Business CEO

Jim Benjamin, Precision Brush CEO

Brad Maloof, Amware CEO

Biff Baker, Winfield Assoc.

David Sanchez, Singular Global

Eddie Nassar

Larry Wolf

John Farrell

Jim Theiling


Up2 draws much inspiration from Washington, DC-based PathNorth and its founder, Amb. Doug Holladay. Learn more about PathNorth at


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