Thank you to these incredible leaders for sharing what they are Up2 and for always exemplifying true servant leadership


Sheryl Palmer

Sheryl Palmer, serves as the CEO of Taylor Morrison, one of the largest home builders in the U.S. She has won countless awards, overcome a significant health challenge, and through it all humbly leads thousands of employees with a kind leadership style, all-too-rare in today's competitive world.

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Marc Blinder

Never a conformist, Marc opened up on his decision to head to California after Princeton while most of his classmates went to Wall Street. Having sold his first company to Adobe, Marc and his Silicon Valley co-founders have created Aikon — a decentralized marketplace on the blockchain for developers worldwide.   

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Osyris Uqoezwa

President of B&C International

Interview highlight: “I can remember my mother making me read one book a week. Every week...and I want to pass forward this emphasis to my son and be the best possible father I can be....”

Jon Beekman

CEO of Silicon Valley-based ManCrates, innovative entrepreneur, and fearless leader.

Interview highlight: Jon humbly shared what he learned when past ideas failed and how these failures have helped shape him into a better leader today.

Eric Chen

Co-founder of TinyPrints, bold venture capitalist, and passionate technologist. 

Interview highlight: Eric dove deep when he answered the question, "What would your children say is most important to you...?" leading the audience to self-evaluate their own responses.

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Umberto Fedeli

Entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist.

Interview highlight: Umberto explained how he likes to 'connect the dots' for the benefit of others in both his personal and professional life.

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Dr. Marc Gillinov

Chairman of Heart Surgery at Cleveland Clinic, author, and athlete.

Interview highlight: Dr. Gillinov shared on the humbling experience of playing jeopardy against IBM's Watson computer in front of a large audience.

Steve McHale

Repeat-entrepreneur, accomplished tech executive,and passionate father.

Interview highlight: The hard-driving McHale opened up on what it has been like to raise two daughters as a single father and how important that priority always remains.

Jake Orville

CEO of Cleveland HeartLab, visionary medical professional 

Interview highlight: Jake's team carried out innovative blood draws at the event, providing attendees with personalized heart health results.

Charu Ramanthan

After earning her PhD in bio-medical engineering, Dr. Ramanthan co-founded CardioInsight which was acquired by Medtronic (NYSE: MDT). Now on her third start-up, VitalXchange, this trailblazing entrepreneur humbly shared about her efforts as a parent; as business visionary; and as a role model for others.

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Bobby George

Owner of TownHall

Interview highlight: “My personal health challenges led me down this unexpected path to create the healthiest and highest quality restaurant...TownHall is much more successful than I ever imagined.”

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Aaron Grossman

Owner of Alliance Solutions Group

Interview highlight: “Remaining humble amidst all this business success can be hard, but to be candid, my wife keeps me honest and is a welcome reminder of what really matters and what doesn't.”

Bob Campana

Family office CEO, author of "A Father's Guide to a Joyful, Successful and Significant Life, and active volunteer.

Interview highlight: Bob told his story of being born into his father's life, and all of the inspiration and responsibilities that heritage represents in his life each day.  

The Honorable Mike DeWine

Dedicated public servant: current Ohio Attorney General and former U.S. Senator.

Interview highlight: The former U.S. Senator opened up on how the loss of their daughter inspired the creation of a high school in one of the most under-served communities in Haiti.

Fred Geis

Visionary developer, creative hotelier, and champion of Cleveland.

Interview highlight: Fred reflected on the deep-rooted emotions prevalent in a family business with an international heritage.

Ambassador Doug Holladay

PathNorth Founder, tireless leader, and meaning guru.

Interview highlight: Ambassador Holladay shared his unconventional observations about leading with our weaknesses and embracing our fears.

Bernie Moreno

One of the nation's largest car dealers, Cleveland State University Board Chair, and tireless civic leader.

Interview highlight: Bernie passionately share his mindset regarding customer relationships and what it means to build a fantastic culture for a 2,000+ person enterprise.

Admiral Michael Parks

CEO of the Red Cross, retired U.S. Coast Guard leader

Interview highlight: This extraordinary veteran exemplified 'meek is not weak' and encouraged the Up2 audience to lead by example, not words.