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For the past twenty years, Adam Kaufman has been serving, calling on, and marketing to many of the most successful and influential leaders in the U.S. and abroad. He has earned the trust of CEOs, investors, entrepreneurs, policy makers, and nonprofit leaders. This professional life has created a platform from which he has been able to observe the most effective leaders and what motivates these accomplished people of influence: their leadership styles, their challenges, their worries, and their motivations.

Adam has been an advisor to JumpStart’s CEO and President for five years and is a partner in Palo Alto-based Ovo Fund, a seed-stage venture fund. Adam also serves as the Carol A. Melton Executive-in-Residence at Washington, D.C.-based PathNorth. He loves helping leaders grow their companies and is a board member of South Dakota-based Biltmore Trust Company and an advisor and board member to several entrepreneurs.

Previously, Adam served as president of Healthnetwork Foundation for a decade, providing facilitated access into top hospitals for high net-worth families worldwide. Additionally, he led a fast-growth business which reached #10 on Cleveland’s Weatherhead 100 list.



Refreshingly candid conversations with some of today's most humble leaders. Adam Kaufman dives into topics often left unexplored. His guests’ challenges, fears, and motivations show what it takes to become a humble leader.

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